25th February 2021 news_image

All classes across all venues are fully booked. If you are interested in putting your child’s name down on the waiting list, please email

1st February 2021 news_image

Just a reminder that all classes start back this week.

14th December 2020 news_image

Enrolments are now open for 2021 at Communication in Action!

I have been busy planning out another fantastic year of public speaking, presenting and performing. 

You can now check out your child’s school/venue page for the new weekly class timetable, as well as information on how private lessons will be run next year. Be sure to get your enrolment in as soon as possible to secure your preferred class time. 

I wish you all a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you in 2021.

26th October 2020 news_image


Brisbane powerhouse – November 1 2020 

Have you got a case of the quarantine jitters? A bit of border closure blues? Does the thought of Zoom give you feelings of doom and gloom?

A trip to the theatre is Just What The Doctor Ordered.

This feel-good variety show is packed full of scenes, spots, sketches (and a song or two) that will raise your spirits and revive your sense of humour. With a mix of fresh and familiar characters, there’ll be more drama than a hotel full of private security guards!

Come and get your recommended dose of entertainment by the students of Communication In Action in the Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse on November 1.

28th September 2020 news_image

Term 4 will be eight weeks long, beginning Tuesday 6th October and ending Monday 30th November


Fees for Term 4 enrolment are due Wednesday 30th September. To pay the fees, please go to

A reminder that there is no charge for private lessons for students enrolled in group classes. 

7th September 2020 news_image

The eight weeks of Term 3 finished last Friday 4th September, though a few make-up lessons will be taking place in the next couple of weeks.

24th August 2020 news_image


There are two fabulous events to look forward to in Term 4. The annual CIA poetry eisteddfod will take place at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday 31st October. Meanwhile, the 2020 production of Affluenza will begin rehearsals on Sunday 11th October and perform at the Powerhouse’s Visy Theatre on Sunday 1st November.

Stay tuned for more details.

13th July 2020 news_image

Welcome to a new term of Communication in Action!

As a reminder, Term 3 classes commenced on Monday 13th July and finish on Friday 4th September. The final two weeks of the school term will be used for make-up lessons. As St Aidan’s students had a pupil free day on Monday 13th July, some girls will commence lessons next week and finish on Monday 7th September (Week 9). 

7th July 2020 news_image


I will be holding my annual poetry eisteddfod at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday 31st October

This event is an opportunity for students to perform a poem onstage in front of a supportive audience of their families and peers. It is also a friendly competition in which an expert adjudicator will give constructive feedback to all students and award places.

22nd June 2020 news_image


At CIA, we see AMEB exams as important milestones – a chance for students to set goals, extend their range of skills, and have something to show for the achievement. 

AMEB exams are designed to develop voice and communication skills for everyday life, school, and the professional world. They promote confidence in reading, speaking, and making presentations to a variety of audiences. 

Everyone should have recently received an email regarding exam enrolment, as entries are now due. If you have not yet registered and would like your child to take an exam this year, please make sure you enrol by Friday 26th June. You can do so by following this link:

12th June 2020 news_image


Term 3 classes will commence on Monday 13th July and finish on Friday 4th September. The final two weeks of the school term will be used for make-up lessons.

8th June 2020 news_image

“The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.”
– A. A. Milne

This has been a challenging term, but it’s exciting to see things slowly returning to normal. Thank you all for your continued support. 

To ensure everyone has had a full term of 8 classes, I have extended Term 2 for another week. All students will receive an extra lesson in Week 9 (15th – 19th June).

1st June 2020 news_image


At this stage, our performance at the Brisbane Powerhouse will be going ahead on the 1st November. Please refer to the Performances page at for more details.

I’m excited to see you all in person again and hope we can continue strong for the rest of Term 2!

“You’re off to great places
Today is your day
Your mountain is waiting
So… get on your way!”


15th May 2020 news_image

We’ve been in a slump
It wasn’t much fun
Un-slumping ourselves
Is not easily done
But now we’ve escaped
All that waiting and staying
We’re ready to get back to
Running and playing!

CIA face-to-face classes will soon be back in action!

Thank you for your support over the last two months. The lockdown has been challenging, but I have tried hard to deliver engaging, worthwhile online tuition to all my students.

From the 25th May, Queensland students will be back at school, which means CIA face-to-face classes can resume. We will be returning to our original class timetable from Term 1. Please notify me if you need to change your child’s lesson time.

1st April 2020 news_image

I will teach you in a room.
I will teach you now on Zoom!
I will teach you in your house.
I will teach you with a mouse.
I will teach you here and there.
I’ll teach you because I care.
So just do your very best
And do not worry about the rest. 

As we continue adjusting to our “new normal”, a little bit of creativity and self-expression each week can make a huge difference.

Now that Queensland schools are moving to home-based learning in Term 2, CIA will continue to deliver lessons online. However, I am happy to deliver lessons at BGS, BGGS and St Aidan’s for any children of essential workers who will still be attending school. 

9th March 2020 news_image


We encourage students of all ages to take part in this year’s production, Affluenza – a mystery, a comedy and a musical all in one!

See the Performances page at for the full rehearsal schedule. To sign up online, go to Fees and complete the Performance 2020 enrolment form. 

27th January 2020 news_image

Happy New Year from CIA. Just a reminder that classes start back on week 2 – Monday 3rd February. We look forward to seeing everyone then!  

16th December 2019 news_image

This year was a roaring success through and through, 

But I couldn’t have done it without all of you. 

You practised your poems, perfected your prose, 

You conquered exams and shone bright in our shows. 

Thank you for your support, day in and day out, 

Your enthusiasm is what this is all about. 

Wishing you lots of Christmas cheer, 

Enjoy your holidays, and see you next year!

Wednesday 27th November news_image

Enrolments are now open for 2020 at Communication in Action!

I have been busy planning out another fantastic year of public speaking, presenting and performing.

You can now check out your child’s school/venue page for the new weekly class timetable, as well as information on how private lessons will be run next year. Be sure to get your enrolment in as soon as possible to secure your preferred class time.

And don’t forget to see what’s in store for our 2020 production, Stay Tuned! It’s another of CIA’s trademark variety shows, full of colourful characters for students to bring to life onstage. The performance will take place at the Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse, on Sunday 31st May. For more details and the full rehearsal schedule, see the Performances page.

Plans for other activities and events, including the annual CIA Poetry Eisteddfod, will be revealed as we head into next year.

I wish you all a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you in 2020.


2nd September 2019 news_image

November Show at the Powerhouse : One Night Only

This is the perfect opportunity for students itching for another chance to get onstage and perform before 2019 comes to an end. 

We loved the variety show format of Dark and Stormy, so we’re putting together another showcase of skits, poems, monologues and more, featuring some of our most colourful characters yet. After only three rehearsals, students will perform One Night Only in the Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse, on Sunday 3rd November.

Go to – link for performance page for more details.

10th June 2019 news_image

Our eisteddfod will be held on Saturday 25th August at the Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse.
The eisteddfod offers something different from theatre productions and public speaking. It gives students an opportunity to perform poetry outside of the exam room, in front of an audience and an adjudicator from whom they will receive valuable feedback.
I highly encourage all students from Prep to Year 7 to take part. All participants will be performing an entertaining poem of their choice, to be selected and rehearsed in class time. 
To register go to

9th April 2019 news_image

Congratulations must go to the following students, who received the highest marks in Queensland for their AMEB exams last year:

  • Ewan Beach
  • Henry Marsh
  • Elizabeth Wilkins
  • Ben Wood

These students will be performing at the Barbara Sisley Awards at Parliament House on Saturday 8th June. The awards celebrate the state’s most outstanding exam results, and this year we are very proud to have CIA students as winners in every category for which we were eligible.



In just a few weeks’ time, we begin rehearsals for “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…”, a vivacious variety show celebrating books and storytelling. We can’t wait to get cracking with characters from Peter Pan, Little Women, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, classic fairy tales and more.

Two smaller casts will each put their own spin on our fabulous script, and each group will give two performances on Sunday 5th May at the Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse. See the full rehearsal schedule on our Performances page.

For every production, our focus is not just the end product––a spectacular show––but also the challenging and rewarding journey from script to stage. The benefits for students include:

  • increased confidence
  • improvement in vocal and physical performance skills
  • collaboration with their peers
  • constructive feedback
  • specialist tuition from industry professionals

With all this in just over 13 hours of rehearsal, our production is a learning experience like no other!

“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…” will be our one and only show for 2019. Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in an exhilarating ride from lights up to curtain call.

Enrol today via the Performance option under our Fees tab above!

11th December 2018 news_image

Enrolments are now open for 2019 at Communication in Action! I have made some changes to the class timetable, so please check the page for your school/venue for details of the new schedule. I will no longer be offering weekly time slots for private lessons at any venue. However, private lessons can still be booked online as needed. See your school/venue page for more information. And of course, go to the Performance page to read about the exciting plans for our 2019 production. This year it will take the form of a variety show celebrating literary favourites. It will be performed as two shows with two separate, smaller casts, giving every performer more of an opportunity to shine onstage. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday. I look forward to another fabulous year of public speaking, presenting and performing with you.

24th September 2018 news_image

When each year’s final term comes round We don’t sit back, we don’t slow down It’s time to get our skills in gear And show off what we’ve learned this year We’ll play with characters and scenes In dramas and in comedies For writing’s lovely on the page But even better on the stage!

18th March 2018 news_image

We’ve hit mid-March! Can you believe How time has flown since New Year’s Eve? Farewell Term 1, it’s been real fun, In Term 2 there’s loads more to come. Class themes will target public speaking, So get off Facebook, pause your Tweeting, Learn to present, persuade, address, These skills are keys to your success. What else? Exam prep on the go, We’ll stage our marvellous Powerhouse show, And of course, our eisteddfod planned for June. Enjoy the holidays – see you soon!

January 2018 news_image

It’s that time of year again When if you listen closely in, You can hear the students sigh And wave their holidays goodbye. But here at CIA HQ, We’ll cure your post-vacation blues! We’re fired up with fun ideas For what should be a brilliant year. The first new twist for 2018: All lessons have a weekly theme, To give a purpose to each task And keep things fresh from class to class. For more info and news, stay tuned, I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

29th November 2017 news_image

We’re so proud of you all For standing up tall! Performing in shows, Learning poems and prose, And keeping your audiences on their toes!   It’s hard to believe it’s the end of the year, Christmas and Hanukkah soon will be here. For now, happy holidays and enjoy the break! Sign up for new classes by December 8 – Then you can relax and meditate.   Congratulations to you all, Can’t wait for your next curtain call! Enjoy your holiday; it’s sure to be great. Look forward to seeing you in two-zero-one-eight!    

4th September 2017 news_image

My oh my, where does the time go? Term 1 turns to 2, and the next thing you know, Term 3 is upon us: exams galore! But we’re not tuckered out yet – we’re itching for more! If performing’s your passion, we’re thrilled to say Our end-of-year show is coming your way! But since we love trying things “out there” and new, For this show, we’re planning a twist or two… So brace yourselves, folks, hold onto your seats, It’s our 48 Hour Theatrical Feat! For aspiring young actors of every age, A rip-roaring journey from script to the stage. If you’re up for a challenge that’s full-on and fun, Stay tuned for more info and details to come!

9th June 2017 news_image

Term 2 has been an exciting adventure, We’ve had an Eisteddfod and exams – You’ve been wonderful inventors! With excellent results and a top score, We’re looking forward to many more.   Sign up for Term 3 by July 7 – We look forward to seeing you for more lessons. For now we’ll say good bye. Happy holidays to all, See you in July!

1st May 2017 news_image

Our musical show got applause from the crowds, The results from exams are making us proud. Pat yourselves on the back for how far we have come But the term’s not yet over – there’s more to be done. An upcoming eisteddfod, exams galore, So remember to practice and practice some more. Each week we’ll keep classes exciting and fresh So you can present and perform at your best.

24th February 2017 news_image

Grammar and St Aidan’s start rehearsals on Sunday. No doubt they’ll prepare a wonderful play! Students are choosing poems for their exams There are some about wizards and some about lambs. There’s lyrical poems about clouds and whatnot And others with some fiendish plots. Powerhouse rehearsals are well underway – With our movement and voices Audiences will be swayed!

20th January 2017 news_image

Happy New Year to all from CIA! In 2017 we’ll put on a play The Powerhouse will host this brave new venture – You’ll see Aladdin and Oliver On their misadventures! Mary Poppins and Chicago are sure to butt heads With Roxy set to steal all the stage creds. Classes start back on January 30 So bring your folders to class and wear a clean shirty! It is, after all, the Year of the Rooster – So come join us for a communication and confidence booster!

18th December 2016 news_image

This year was a roaring success through and through, But I couldn’t have done it without all of you. You practised your poems, perfected your prose, You conquered exams and shone bright in our shows. Thank you for your support, day in and day out, Your enthusiasm is what this is all about. Wishing you lots of Christmas cheer, Enjoy your holidays, and see you next year!

8th December 2016 news_image

December 10th is the date to enrol For the wonderful year that’s about to unfold. We’re behind the scenes chugging away Planning new lessons and the musical play. This busy time of year, always things to do Have a great Christmas; enjoy the break too.

25th November 2016 news_image

We know you’re going to miss us How ever will you cope Without your weekly drama class – The thing you love the most? Well, just because it’s summer Doesn’t mean it’s curtain call! Always walk as though you’re on a stage, Be passionate and bold. Speak up, use that voice of yours, Express just who you are. So when you’re back here after holidays You’re up for a fresh new start!

13th November 2016 news_image

You don’t need no education You don’t need no thought control Turn the classroom upside down And join us for some rock and roll.Toss the teachers, bin your hats, Throw your textbooks in the pool. On Friday night, come well prepared: This musical breaks all the rules!

9th September 2016 news_image

It’s that time of the year again – We’re edging closer to the end… But it’s not over yet, don’t look so glum! There’s one more fun-filled term to come.So dry your eyes and clear your throat, Put on your most theatrical coat, And give this one your loudest cheer – Make it the best show of the year!

4th August 2016 news_image

It’s August now… where’s the year gone? But as always, the show goes on. Our eisteddfod at the Powerhouse Was a success – so take a bow!Exams galore are coming up, We wish you all the best of luck, Make sure you have your pieces learnt And all your marks will be well earned.Finally, make sure you stay tuned – Another show is coming soon! A showcase of comedy, acting and song, To have you entertained all night long.

5th May 2016 news_image

The curtains have closed on our musical show Head over to facebook to see the photos! But don’t be disheartened, there’s still heaps to do We’ll keep you all busy and have fun with it, too. There are poems to learn, exam pieces to choose, Eisteddfods to prep for, there’s no time to lose! In the next few weeks we’ll be sending out emails With all of your child’s exam details.

7th April 2016 news_image

Our performance students are almost ready to go For next week’s spectacular musical show – ‘Affluenza’, a comedy murder-mystery, With songs and laughs for the whole family! Tunes from Matilda, Michael Jackson and Queen, Sung by supermums, hipsters, and bratty school teens, There are CEOs, socialities, secret agents and more, And there may be a twist or two in store…So don’t miss your chance to come and see, Next weekend – the 16th and 17th. Buy tickets at the Powerhouse website To see our talented students in the limelight!

18th March 2016 news_image

Term 1 is now coming to a close It’s shocking how quickly the year goes! On April the 12th we start with term 2 And oh, what a lot there will be to do!There’s prep for exams, with poems and prose, And the musical’s just about ready to go! Check the Performance page for the info you need, And book tickets now to secure your seat!

23rd February 2016 news_image

This week, some news for the musical play: With every rehearsal it’s chugging away. No Powerhouse classes this week, please note, From the 29th we’re back and ready to go.A couple of groups have some extra run-throughs BGS on Monday, St Aidan’s Friday afternoon. And a new website section is coming March 1 With all the show updates and news on the run.

8th February 2016 news_image

Classes have started, we’re up and away Our musical show is well underway For classes, remember that when you come in Bring a folder, a notebook, and a pencil or pen.

25th January 2016 news_image

Happy New Year from CIA Now we’re online and we’re here to stay It’s January 25th, so go on and enrol For the wonderful year that’s about to unfold